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Welcome to the inaugural event of the Conversations@DF series!

Neil Salton is an independent consultant from ChangeWorq who has helped many corporations transform how their staff work in more innovative spaces.  Having previously worked as a Principal for WoodsBagot, he has gained some interesting insights into tenant needs from a master-planning, architectural and interior design perspective.

Over the last few years,  we have heard a lot about space design, improving collaboration and working differently etc, but as a tenant. how do you choose the right location and then the right building?

Large companies are now taking a more holistic view on the well-being, engagement and satisfaction of their people.  The solution for some is to provide a range of facilities for staff with their tenancy, while others are looking to the location to supplement their workplace office. 

In this talk, Neil will discuss this trend and examine how the latest large scale developments offer something very different from the traditional CBD based office options.

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