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The Getz Group

DFurniture is a member of The Getz Group of companies, an organisation with a rich heritage of over 160 years and a diverse business portfolio engaged in 4 strategic business units:

  • Healthcare and Life Science
  • Hospitality Management and Building Solutions
  • Consumer Products, Retail and Food Processing
  • Performance Materials, Industrial Products and Telecommunications Services

The Getz Group, originally started by the Getz Bros – Joseph and Max, was founded in 1852, as a general store in Northern California. Spurred by its entrepreneurial founders and a reputation for honesty and integrity, the business grew quickly. By the 1870s, Getz Bros had expanded into international markets with a major focus on the Asia Pacific region. Through organic growth and several acquisitions, Getz Bros has grown into The Getz Group and now employs 13,000 people in the Asia Pacific region.

Core values

A strong set of core values has seen the group grow from a single store, into an international conglomerate

  • Growth and mutual success: Ensuring growth and mutual benefits with internal and external stakeholders
  • Integrity: An unflinching commitment to ensuring trust and credibility.
  • Discipline and accountability: Maintaining checks and balances in all parts of the business.
  • Teamwork: Strong intra-company and inter-company collaboration.
  • Respect and fairness: Treating employees, business partners and customers with utmost respect.
  • Ethical dealings: Abiding by business ethics, laws and customs in every community.

Key success factors

The Getz Group companies have seen continued growth and success for over 160 years, thanks to these 5key success factors:

  • Knowledge and expertise: Unparalleled experience in diverse markets enables the group companies to provide business partners with effective, smart solutions tailored to their needs.
  • Superior relationships:Striving for the growth and profitability for our business partners through mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Geographical outreach: Reaching business partners through a trusted presence in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Value chain: Achieving efficiency in time and cost to meet the needs of business partners.
  • Innovation: Understanding changing market needs to develop both new and existing products and services.

This is our heritage, the basis of our success. Now learn more about DFurniture here.